Mostly Abbi

From September 30th….

Most mornings Abbi sneaks into the office where I’m working to spend a few minutes banging away on my laptop while she’s supposed to be eating breakfast and watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse.  It’s pretty to resist the cuteness, except for the day she banged on my keyboard and flipped the entire screen sideways and we had to Google how to correct that….


We’ve had so many gorgeous afternoons lately.  This day Lilli suggested we eat out on the deck.  It definitely made our quick gymnastics night pizza taste way fancier.


Kindergarten tiredness is still there but getting better.  It was still one of those incredibly fussy nights where I knew she’d look like this by the time I pulled into the gym.


We’ll just file this under “things that happen while I’m at gymnastics that I don’t ask about later”.


Ditto to the above.


The best surprise of the evening was a pair of cupcakes to share to kick off my birthday celebrations from my good friend Dana that I’ve met at gymnastics.  She has two girls in Lilli’s class – a kindergartener and a 4 year old.  It’s crazy to believe we met almost exactly a year ago when Lilli started gymnastics.  We have the best time laughing and chatting up in the stands and enjoying some “mom time”.  So sweet of her to think of me!!


How cute are these PJs? I got them at Walmart last spring when winter stuff was on clearance.  She’s definitely not sure about them yet, but big sis LOVED seeing her a bit more fancy!




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