From Oct 3-4…..

This little gal is an eater.  On this Saturday morning she ate her eggs and bacon, and then when we let her down she crawled up in Lilli’s chair to scavenge around on her plate.


Lilli’s artwork is so adorable.


The big event of the day (other than getting my hair cut and roots taken care of) was our big “date” night out with Lilli to go to Disney on Ice.  Ms Tina (Abbi’s baby room teacher from her old school) came to watch Abbi for the night.  I think she was both excited and confused to see her “old” friend.


And of course Lilli was excited to go to the big show.  We always let her pick out one “thing” before we go in, and much like last year she ended up picking out the snowcone cup.  At $15 it was definitely her souvenir for the night.


I had bought us some nice first level tickets.  I had bought them back in March as a pre-sale for the show so we were some of the first to buy our seats and had a nice selection.


Messing around before the show and killing time…..


This time I got us seats right in-between sections so that no one was right behind us thanks to the bars separating sections.  I was hoping that would minimize kids hanging on the back of our chair, and it did some.  There’s just no optimal place to sit when these things are basically sold out.  The kid next to me had his light up swirly toy spinning the ENTIRE TIME.  Seriously, that mom unloaded at least $150 on total junk for those kids.  And of course I had to explain to Lilli why she could only have one item instead of the 3-4 each these kids have – “We do lots of fun things all year and this is probably the only thing these kids get to do”.   Ironically after talking to a friend she says the same thing, so it must be the right thing to say!


And then the show finally started and Lilli thought it was pretty much magical.  It was cute being in an arena with all the little girls singing along with every single Frozen song.


Watching her was more entertaining than most of the show! I am pretty much Frozen-ed out and Brent and I both agreed last year’s show just seemed “nicer” with effects and skating.


Since much of Frozen is about snow, it “snowed” in the arena multiple times.


Trying to catch some “snow” with her snow cone tongue.  At intermission when we saw our coats were covered with this “snow” we stopped doing that!



And the big finale! Lilli loved the show and had a great time.  It’s fun to think that (if) we go next year Abbi will be big enough to go along and enjoy it, too! And thank goodness – tickets and one toy would have been cheaper than an evening of babysitting!!


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