Faces of Abigail

From 10/06 – 10/08……

Little Miss is large and in charge – she cracks me up carrying her lunch box and charging out to the car every afternoon.  She is in an incredibly independent, temper tantrum filled state right now – terrible two’s to the max!


While Lilli and I were at gymnastics Brent got some of the studio lighting out and had some fun with Abbi.  He did kind of forget her shirt had food all over it, and her hair was pretty crazy at the end of the day – but this is all Abbi and her wild girl personality.


She’s so used to seeing a phone and “saying cheese” that sometimes if you’re just playing on your phone she’ll start making that same face.  Her vocabulary is growing every day – this week some of her new additions have been putting words together, and her current favorite is “no daddy” or “no mommy”.  Lots of opinions… One morning this week while she was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eating breakfast they said to say “Oh Toodles” and she actually repeated it after them.  Her other favorite words are things like eat, “moop” (for milk), “my my” for her pacifier, lawnmower, lots of animal noises, uh-huh and nuh-nuh and she has all of our names and Dale.  Lots of Hi and Bye-Bye everywhere we go, and Beep Beep for all the cars she sees.  She says That That? for anything she wants to know the words for in books.  She’s definitely learning and expanding every day.  When we pulled into the zoo in Chattanooga she said “Monkey!” when she saw a sign with a picture of a monkey – so she surprises us all the time with her words.


And then Brent went Rockabilly with her hair and clothes.


We had our very first rainy bus stop morning, which is pretty awesome since school has been in session since mid-August.  I drove the car down to the end of the driveway and we just waited for him to stop.  It was pouring with thunder and lightning, so I definitely didn’t see any reason to stand outside and get soaked.


Sleepy morning.  Most of the time they don’t see each other in the mornings, but if Abbi makes a big enough fuss about something Lilli will wake up and come down.


I needed to get some supplies before her class Fall party so we had dinner at a Greek restaurant nearby.  Their food is awesome but the girls just pick around at it, so we ordered them some rice and brought a Lunchables for them and they were happy.  And we saved a million dollars in uneaten Kids Meals.


Abbi definitely tore up some rice.


Brent and the girls ran in the free zoo (aka Pet Supermarket) while I looked for some Orange Crepe paper in another store.


And then we had to get busy turning toilet paper into pumpkins for her fall party!


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