Fall Break Part 2 – TN Aquarium…..

From October 10th….

We were hungry for lunch and since our people were happy we had kept driving and decided to eat at the food court outside the Aquarium.  That was definitely the quickest choice but most definitely not the tastiest – my Taco Magic tacos weren’t exactly magic (and I’m not sure if they were really tacos…)

Regardless, we ate something and then got our tickets for the aquarium.  Thank goodness Abbi was still free because the whole experience was nearly $80.

First stop – the StingRay petting area.  I’m not sure if one got close enough to either girl to pet, but they definitely got their money’s worth in water play and Lilli nearly fell in and got one arm totally soaked.


The penguins were a big hit for Abbi and they were really swimming around up to the glass.


In a different petting area – some sort of big fish.  Lilli’s arms were long enough here but I’m not sure Abbi did anything besides splash around.


They were feeding the sharks in the big tank – very cool to watch them attack the big poles they’d put in with fish on them.


The girls loved watching all the fish and especially the sharks swimming around.  Abbi was definitely entertained with all the fish to watch.


Inside an aquarium…..


Photo opp between buildings.  We timed it well in finishing one building when the rain had lightened up.  All of the rain we’d left behind in Nashville had caught up with us.  Abbi was getting so tired but she just won’t nap in the stroller.  We’d try to get her comfortable but she just wanted to run and she was so tired that every little thing would set her off.  She’s a kid who loves her sleep, and at home she easily takes a 3 hour nap on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and during the week she gets between 2 -2.5 hours at school.  So a no-nap Abbi is a very exhausting, fussy, temperamental and independent Abbi.


You know she’s tired when she climbs up on one of the aquarium ledges and just stretches out.  We gave her snacks and all kinds of things to try and get her settled in the stroller to relax.  She’s a tough one.


The jellyfish are always some of our favorites.


And finally, near the very end, total success.  Brent had to stroll her away from me and Lilli and she finally gave up and got a nap near the end of the aquarium and while Lilli and I shopped.  Sweet, sweet success.


We headed to our hotel, an Embassy Suites, and had some snacks at the evening reception.  Even though Abbi had a short stroller nap she was still a tired hand-full and since we’d all loaded up on food at the reception we didn’t think either girl would eat.  A Fazolis was near the hotel so we did that and these girls ate a TON.  Abbi ate her entire order of spaghetti and Lilli had all her pizza.  They definitely surprised us.


Our little button pusher Abbi.  Luckily all of the bells and emergency buttons are on the bottom row of the elevator buttons.


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