Fall Break Part 3 – Children’s Museum

From October 11….

We all slept pretty good in our suite – Lilli slept on the pull out sofa and each night we were able to put Abbi to bed earlier than the rest of us in our room in the Pack n Play.  Definitely not as ideal as each of us having a room, but a suite is for sure the way to go for short trips.  We headed down for the free “hot” breakfast and it was literally the worst breakfast we’ve ever had.  Brent totally spoils us with awesome breakfasts, but the Embassy Suites was terrible and so crowded.  I think every kid with families was staying there and they had hardly any seating.  Total chaos.

But Abbi loved hanging out and enjoying our view of some shops.  She’s really into cars now and screams BEEEP BEEEEEP at every car going by.  A LOT of cars go by anywhere we go….


Our first stop of the day was the Children’s Museum.  Lilli has been here before but didn’t remember it.  It was so miserably crowded, this was definitely the low point of the trip for both Brent and I.  We love our membership to our local Adventure Science Museum – it can be crowded but it at least has free parking and isn’t as big of a tourist attraction as this place was.  We were basically just playing defense for Abbi the whole time and making sure she wasn’t run over.


Brent took her in the Under 4 only area for a while and even that was just packed and annoying.


Of course Lilli found a computer to play on….


The dinosaur dig area was one of their favorite spots (until a kid starting dumping sand on Abbi….)


Having fun digging around in the sand….


Up in the “be active” special exhibit.


She had a ton of fun on the ropes course.


And of course they had a good time climbing around in the beehive.


Sweet sisters…….


Around this spot Brent and I were hungry (thanks to the terrible breakfast we had), exceptionally tired of wild children and trying to keep up with our own, and a three year old had literally just walked up to me and grabbed my rear end (to his parents’ total embarrassment) so we called it a day at the Kid’s Museum and drug two grouchy girls out for our next adventure.


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