Fall Break, Part 4: Chattanooga Zoo

From October 11…..

Our next stop on fall break was the Chattanooga Zoo.  We grabbed a quick lunch and Abbi had a short nap before we got there.  Lilli was really excited to find her fashion inspiration before we ever got inside.


The zoo ended up being my favorite part of the trip.  It’s not a huge zoo, but has all the basics and it was less than $25 total for us all in admissions.  Awesome.

It was a nice overcast day (even if it is was a bit humid).  We followed the paths around and one of our first stops was the goat petting area.  Goats are always a huge hit for our family.


Considering the number of selfies Brent took with the goats I’m guessing he wanted at least a few shared.


Abbi for sure wanted to share some hugs and love with them.


A few of these……


Group hug!


And then the most hilarious thing happened.  Some teens had been in the area taking selfies with goats.  I guess Lilli had seen them because she came over and asked if she could borrow my phone to take a picture.  She always likes to take pictures so I really didn’t even think anything about it until we saw this:



Brent happened to be watching her and captured it.  Adorable.


Then she found her real fashion inspiration.  The girl loves a pair of animal print pants.


Crocodile wars.


Abbi was still so tired – she’d only had about a 30 minute cat nap in the car on the way over.  When she’s tired she’s so fussy and head strong and just wild.  She wasn’t listening to us at all but she was more than happy to be her sister’s partner and walk with her.  And Lilli is always more than happy to be the boss of her.


So cute.


They even had camel rides at the zoo for $5.  Lilli was so excited to try it and I was hoping she’d want me to ride with her but no such luck.


You can tell she was having a blast.


This one is definitely going on our vacation gallery wall.


Jack Hannah was actually there doing a fundraiser so the tents in the background were actually him doing his presentation while Lilli was on the camel.


If you ask Lilli what her favorite part of the entire zoo was – she’d tell you it was the two turtles giving each other piggy back rides.  Um, yeah.


We apparently love to make faces with animals.


By the end, our poor little toddler was just DONE.  Poor thing.  She just will not sleep in public – she’s way too afraid to miss something.


And once we were back in the car she was out like a light.  We drove around some in the area we were staying – it had a huge mall and a ton of shops that would have been fun to explore if the girls weren’t with us.  We grabbed some coffee and headed back to the hotel.  Abbi was still getting some good sleep and Lilli was wrapped up in her movie so I headed inside for a little alone time.


Vacationing with a toddler is all about knowing your limits.  She was still so tired and just “off” that we decided a fast food picnic in the hotel room would be our best bet at retaining our sanity.  So Krystal and Disney Junior it was.

Up next – Rock City!


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