Fall Break, Part 5: Rock City

From October 12:

We woke up and another really, really bad breakfast at our hotel.  Embassy Suites rooms were wonderful, but they need some serious work on their breakfast! You know it’s bad when you don’t even mind if your kids are having a (butter) knife fight.  By this point Abbi had already choked (literally) on their eggs about three times and we were just frazzled.


So we loaded up the kids and the ton of luggage needed for this short trip and we headed out!


We made it up to Rock City and the first thing Lilli said when we pulled in was “Are we at Cheekwood?” Ha! We do like a good garden.  All of the rain from the previous few days made everything really wet and muddy, but luckily we had a nice and warm day for our visit.  Lilli had been once before, but didn’t remember the trip.


The trail isn’t stroller friendly so Abbi had a field day exploring.  Also, wearing white shorts on this adventure ended up being a terrible, terrible choice.  Between the mud and a cranky toddler those shorts are still running through the stain cycle….


We tried to recreate our Goblins picture from last time but Abbi wasn’t having it.


It was “Rocktoberfest” and they had tons of special German food, music and dancing so we stopped and had lunch along the trail and had some awesome bratwurst.  The girls were clearing having a good time.


Such a mess.


One of the special fall things was a scavenger hunt along the way for stickers – at this stop they had a crazy Fall troll for you to get your next clue.


The “See 7 states” area.  It was pretty cloudy, so we probably only saw about 4 states.


Another non-framer.  I’m really not sure why they can’t act normal for family pictures.


This one is maybe just a little bit better….


Lilli had no fear of the swinging bridge and baby sis didn’t either.


There was a traffic jam of people headed into the “squeeze” part of the trail thanks to all the picture taking.


It was definitely not easy going through there with Abbi but luckily the women behind me was really nice and helped to make sure I didn’t bump her head or scratch her as we really and truly had to squeeze through.


I love this one of Lilli looking out over everything.


Lilli finally found the Fall Fairy and turned in her scavenger hunt for a fall pinwheel.


The really strange and bizarre fairy tale area is still strange and bizarre.  And totally beloved by kids.


When we were done we shopped in some of the little stores and found the “Rocky” mascot.  And also some delicious peanut butter fudge.  And one more stuffed animal for Lilli’s collection.



Abbi – being Abbi.


It didn’t take her any time to fall asleep.  Poor toddler was so off routine from sleep and naps that she was just done and exhausted.  Thankfully she slept the whole way home because it absolutely poured down rain on us not long after we left.



It was definitely nerve-wracking, so a sleeping Abbi was a huge bonus on this long drive home.  It stormed and stormed all through the mountains and poured until we were nearly home.


We relaxed that night and had a little Frozen movie night with some Chinese food.  An excellent way to ease back in.  And even Abbi watched a good portion of it.


At one point she wanted an even closer seat, and a few times she “sang” along a little bit.  I’m sure after the next eight dozen times we see it she’ll be as obsessed as big sis is!


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