Fall Break Finale

From October 13-14…..

We were glad to have one full day at home for the last day of Fall Break to sleep in, catch up on laundry and groceries and just “relax” (as much as you can when you have little kids…). We’ve learned our lesson on that one the hard way.

Because it was some sort of holiday, Abbi’s school was also closed so it really was Fall Break.  Abbi’s latest game of choice is asking to be pushed around the house in the stroller.  It’s not as fun as it sounds – for anyone except Abbi.


We loaded up to go do some hiking at Radnor Lake but Lilli started getting whiny and said we’d been hiking the day before at Rock City, so we just went to Crockett Park instead.  It has a great little playground with plenty of things to entertain them.


This girl was a monkey and hung all around on anything she could find.  She’s completely mastered all the monkey bars, rings, and spiders that any playground has to offer.


And baby sis isn’t too far behind on anything she can try and swing from.  Her stubby little legs and baby belly are such a contrast to skinny little Lilli and her gracefulness.  It’s hilarious to watch them together.  They just couldn’t be more different.


It was a really nice day so we spent more time outside when we got home.  Dale knows better than to stick around Abbi.


Poor Dale.  She’s just infatuated with “Meow Meow” (and she can also say Dale).  She loves to feed him and will dump out an entire bag of treats and scream ” EAT MEOW MEOW!!! EAAAAT!!!” Probably one reason he tolerates her pretty well.


Some puzzles before bedtime.  Abbi is getting pretty good at some of these basic puzzles.  Of course Lilli was dressed as Elsa and Abbi already had on her PJs with dress up shoes.  She’s obsessed with dress up shoes and accessories.


And after school on the first day back after Fall Break.  It’s not easy getting back into the routine…..


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