Halloween Traditions

From October 15 – 17……

Make your own pizza night is always a happy night around here!


Wild child, for sure.


Last year was our first time to paint skeletons together.  For obvious reasons we stripped Abbi down and Lilli wanted to do the same.


She definitely participated more this year than last year but she made a gigantic mess and mostly wanted to just squeeze paint everywhere.


Lilli spent a lot of time and glitter on hers.


We also broke out the Williams Sonoma Halloween shaped pancake molds.  The box makes them look so easy.


We did some shopping on Friday night and Brent ran in The Tile Shop while I was trying on some shoes.  Lilli made herself comfortable on every toilet in there.


She also made herself very comfortable in just about every pair of boots at Off Broadway.

IMG_0186Heaven help us.


Little Bit found plenty of shoes to play with.  One day it will be so fun to actually shoe shop with them – minus all the crying, running into people, and leaving gigantic messes in our wake.


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