Not Terrible, Not Horrible, Not Very Bad Day

From October 18th….

We had planned to go to one last fall festival near our house at a field just a block from our neighborhood.  A church had bought an old swim/tennis club to build on but codes never would let them build, so it’s for sale again but they have little events and things there and invite the community.  So we showed up a little after 11 only to realize it wasn’t until 1.  Ooops.  Change in plans and we grabbed some Honey Baked Ham sammies and had a picnic.  I always have our picnic blanket in the back of my car so it was an easy trade off.  And mostly it made Lilli’s day to discover Minute Maid Lemonade in a car.  She is OBSESSED with it!! And Abbi is my one pickle buddy in this house.  But really, she’s your girl on basically anything food related.  Bonus points if it has chocolate on it.


When we were done eating it was close to 1 so we gave Lilli the option of playing at the park or hitting up the festival until Abbi’s nap time and she chose festival.  It had the standard inflatables that make our girls happy.


Fearless Abbi.


It was a little awkward.  No one really talked to us much and they had music BLARING the entire time to the point it was pretty difficult to even have a conversation.


We stayed for an hour and then headed home for Abbi’s naptime and Lilli and I headed out on a date to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day.  I had ordered the book off of Amazon for her a few weeks earlier and surprised her with the book on the way over.  It was a really, really cute movie.


That night at story time we read the story – which is not much like the movie – and when we were done she pointed out to me that it didn’t seem like the movie at all.  But she still enjoyed it and I read it to her class earlier this week as a DEAR reader and they all loved it.  So – good book, good movie – very loosely based though at the theater!


The good news for Target (or any retail store) is that we just throw things in the cart to purchase because it’s just easier and faster than letting this go on for more than just a few minutes.


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