The Roof is on Fire

From October 19th…

An old farm house and its surrounding land around the corner from us was recently sold to a developer who is going to build 11 new homes (on one acre lots).  We’re definitely sad to see this cute old farmhouse and its two ponies leave – we’ve loved watching the ponies every day and we could even see them in the field across the street from us at times.  But, it’s all part of commercialization and the new houses will be really nice and help our property values as well.  Strangely enough, they decided to let the Fire Dept burn the house and barn down as part of their training exercise.  It was a 2,000 sq foot early 1900’s farm house that was totally liveable, but I guess not worth moving.  They notified the neighborhood and came around telling everyone we could watch if we wanted to.

IMG_3168We thought it might be “fun” to watch, and at first Lilli was really excited to see it and talk to the firemen who recently did a demonstration at her school.  And of course they remembered her since was the child who asked if they rescued guinea pigs from burning houses.  All I know is every single thing better be out of our house before anyone goes back in for that pig.  And Abbi’s just excited to be anywhere she can get into trouble.


After they did their training exercises they just let the house burn.  Several neighbors and others stopped to watch.  Wilson Pike was full of people pulled off to watch (who probably had no clue why a ton of fireman were watching and not doing anything to save it!) And man, it was HOT!


It was crazy watching the smoke change to straight up fire.  Around this point Lilli started getting pretty upset about the house and how sad it must be, and how there was nothing wrong with the house.  Her East Nashville preservation roots for sure coming out.  It really was sad seeing it just burn down.


A pretty good depiction of how over it both girls were at this point.  And how upset Lilli was getting.  We didn’t stay much longer after this. Naturally she got up a time or two that night worried about our house burning down. Parenting fail.


And the strangest part was this weird Sci-Fi group filming all around it.  Something about things burning in the background being their “thing”.


Dale was pretty unaffected by the fire.  We had some ash come down around our house and it definitely was a smoky day in the neighborhood.  But Meow-Meow (Abbi’s name for him) didn’t care.


Later we checked out the brand new Nordstram Rack near us.  It was okay.  I’d say I felt like it has potential but everything in common sizes (i/e not XS or XL) seemed pretty picked over.  They have some good prices but we actually walked out of there without buying anything.


Fresh Market cookies really are that good.  Basically everything Fresh Market is that good.


Crazy Sisters.


Lilli got her first report card.  She got great marks on the few skills they do get graded for (on the previous pages not pictured), and so far has perfect attendance.  As her teacher noted below, she is for sure extremely motivated and she loves school and still gets pretty jazzed every day when she sees the bus coming up our road.  So far kindergarten has been great!


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