Field Trippin’

From October 23rd….

Lilli had her very first elementary school field trip in late October to the Lucky Ladd Pumpkin Patch.  At the very beginning of the school year they warned us about all the steps you have to take to even be able to go – background check, fingerprinting and “Tier 3” status so I had already gone and taken care of all that stuff in September so I could take the day off and go.  It’s definitely a more complicated process than preschool field trips where you just signed up on the door to help.  We couldn’t ride the bus with them or bring any siblings (not that I would even want to!) And our kiddo couldn’t ride with us.

So we met up at school and got our group assignments for the day.  Since 5 moms went we were only responsible for 2-3 kiddos so I had Lilli and two of her little girlfriends.  I rode carpool with 3 of the other moms and we had a blast – definitely a lot more fun than being on a school bus with a bunch of wild kiddos.  It was about a 45 minute drive to Lucky Ladd so we had lots of time to get to have fun getting to know each other better.

Lucky Ladd was super organized.  From the moment we started walking up they corralled us to the right area to wait on the buses and from that point on we were group 11 and they kept us always on task and really did a fantastic job.  First up was the petting zoo area with goats and ponies and all kinds of things to feed/touch/scare/pet.


Next up they got to run around the massive playground area of all kinds of tires, corn crib, swings, slides and just general fun stuff.  They really could have stayed there all day.  (Lilli is the first of the 3 girls on the far right.)


Lila, Lilli, Penelope.  There’s also a Livy in her class.  So much L.  They all had to wear their green LES Kindergarten shirts.  It was a slightly chilly day so we got to at least layer it because the thing is HUGE on her.


The educational part of the trip was about pumpkins and how they grow.  They’ve been studying that for the past few weeks and our guide went through the life cycle for the kids.  Our class was paired up with one of the five other kindergarten classes and we stuck together as Group 11.  It was the perfect number of kiddos and seriously went so much more smoothly than I imagined! The other class has 12 (of 17) parents come so there was a LOT of help!


They had the kids help with reviewing the life cyle.  Lilli is on the right hand side kind of shadowed by a boy in a striped shirt.


After the “learning” part they each got to pick out a small pumpkin, use the porta potties (super “fun” with kids this size) and then posed for their group picture. Lil is on the front row 4 from the left next to her friend Livy who has on the purple pants and next to a blue coated boy. Their interim teacher (since hers in on Maternity leave) is in the front row, and the lady in the back is a Special Needs teacher for the boy next to her.  They are a pretty cute group of kids are really well behaved.  Every time I volunteer in the class I’m pretty amazed how great they all act and how well they listen.


Closer up of Lilli.


After their picture they finally got to eat lunch.  They normally eat at 12:30 but they also normally get a mid-morning snack so they were all starved and my group had asked me a million times when they were going to eat! After they ate we had a long wagon ride around the grounds before they loaded up to head back to school and us moms loaded up for a fun ride back to Brentwood.  I’m so glad I got to take the day off and have fun with Freckle Face and her buddies.  And we’ll definitely be going back to Lucky Ladd in the future as a family.


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