The Barrel

From Oct 24-25…

It’s pretty rare but about twice a year I tell Brent I’m in the mood for Cracker Barrel and Brent jumps all over it.  Their food is fine but it’s SO heavy and seems insanely calorie laden that it’s just not something I can eat a ton of (unlike Mexican food which is obviously low in calories and fat.)

We had deep conversations over what to order since this was probably her first time to eat there.


Already a baby brain ninja on the puzzles.


She’s the easy one to order for – she’ll eat most anything and especially some mac and cheese.  Lilli on the other hand is so particular that to get her to eat her mac n cheese (because it always has a little “burn” on it there) much bribery and threatening of not getting to shop in the store afterwards was employed.


Their favorite part – playing around with all the toys.


The next morning after breakfast we got ready for our annual visit to the pumpkin patch.  Since Abbi had Lilli’s old orange tutu and Lilli had a black one this year I just bought them so matching shirts.  Much twirling commenced to see who had the best twirling skirt.


It’s hilarious to watch these two starting to have so much fun together! Plenty of cat fights, tears and hair pulling as well – but they can also be awfully sweet!


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