Seeing Stripes

From October 27 – 30….

I try to work my schedule to read to Lilli’s class once a month as part of their DEAR reader program, so that afternoon after school she was pretending to be a DEAR reader.  Dale was pretty into Fancy Nancy.


I’m pretty sure she spends a good portion of her day climbing on this.


Every day this week they had a different them in clothing that went along with some special lessons and assemblies on things like bullying and healthy eating.  This particular day was wearing black to “Black out Bullying”.  I just hope no kids in her close were prone to seizures.


A perfect hiding spot.


This was a “wear bright clothes” day to encourage eating bright colored foods like fruits and vegetables.  Pretty sure she nailed it.


Abbi and a few of her favorite things.  She loves that cackling skull and managed to break it a few times this Halloween season.


I think Dale is letting us know I forget to feed him a little too often.


We were in the mood for Local Taco and afterwards we needed to pick up something from the grocery store.  The girls had a great time enjoying all the samples Harris Teeter always has out.  I have no idea why Abbi was letting Lilli feed her.  Ha!  Also, if you can drive one of the giant car buggies you can drive anything.  Those things are literally the worst.


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