From November 1st…..

On the First we were going to meet up with Serif and his family at the Day of the Dead celebration at Cheekwood but it ended up being a cold and windy day so we changed plans and met up at Adventure Science Center instead.  DofD looked awesome, but little sisters don’t love cold and the big kids would be happy chasing each other around an empty box so we voted for warm and climate controlled and hopefully next year we can check out DofD.


Sisters taking care of important business at the temporary Ingram Barge Riverworks exhibit.  I explained to her that I used to work for them and have ridden a Barge.  Coolest mom award.

IMG_0771Abbi could have splashed in the Riverworks area forever.


Abbi got a turn sitting on Bones while Sis was having a blast with her dude.  It was a great day at Adventure Science, it really wasn’t crowded at all.


Sometimes we don’t even make up to to the top of all the climbing stuff, but she’s always bolder when she’s with a buddy and they did the big slide a few times before we left for Abbi’s nap.  The great thing about being members is just going to play for a couple of hours, having lunch and heading home for Abbi’s nap.


Abbi got to have a slide before we left.


Lilli and her Serif.  They’ve been talking a lot about Thanksgiving and being thankful at school, and she told us over dinner one night last week that she’s thankful for “Mommy, Daddy, Miss Minton (her teacher), Jesus, even Abbi, Snuggly and Serif.” So he at least makes the cut as one of her favorite people.


Abbi got Science’d.


That evening we headed over to a friend’s house in East Nashville for dinner.  I tried an apple crock pot recipe and they still needed to cook more so we plugged it into the outlet in the back of my car.  That’s what I call multi-tasking!


Kids waiting to be served.  Hilarious.  They look awfully bored.  Like maybe “lamest party ever”.  <inside joke……>  We had a great night and the next time this crew gets together Audrey and Zach’s brand new little sister will be joining the fun.


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