Lazy Weekend

From November 7-8

For a change we literally had no weekend plans, other than to let Brent continue to rest up at home.  We spent Friday night at home and the girl were awfully sweet reading together.


Abbi being Abbi.  She is definitely an individual.


Saturday morning breakfasts are the best meal all week.  Bibs are optional.

IMG_4444That afternoon while Abbi was napping I took Lilli to our Brentwood Hallmark for the ornament open house.  We had run in the night before right as they were closing to pick up the Elsa ornament they had on hold for us and I told her I’d bring her back the next day for some shopping.  She looked at the ornaments forever and then we walked through the rest of the store looking at all the goodies and playing with the musical cards.  She definitely has Hallmark girl in her blood.


Afterwards we walked down to the Fresh Market for a free kids cookie and did some shopping in some of the other fancy boutiques.  It was a fun outing with my big girl!


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