School Days

From 11/9-11/12

Styling and profiling before church, in our bathroom.  It’s nice to have one kid we can mostly still dress up as we like.


My car was starting to be incredibly sticky and filthy so I asked Lilli if she wanted to help me clean it out.  She wiped down everything in my car, cleaned their car seats and then asked if we could clean Brent’s car.


Abbi mostly ran around with Dale.  He’s been missing for a week now which is really strange for him.  He rarely disappears for more than a day, so we’re thinking we may be down to just one guinea pig.  Out of all our pets I would most vote that guinea pig away to have the cats and especially Pippin back.

IMG_4491For all her hard work helping with the cars we told Lilli she could pick whatever she wanted for dinner.  I expected her to want to go out, but she wanted to make pancakes, bacon, eggs and smoothies from her new princess cookbook.  So basically we got every kitchen appliance dirty as our “reward” for clean cars.


Abbi’s school had an in-service day so she and I worked from home in the morning.

IMG_0904Lilli had to decorate a turkey in disguise for some sort of Thanksgiving scavenger hunt around the school.  We made a wig, glasses, dress, mermaid tail and cape for it.


Playing around in the dress up glasses.


Brent had both girls one morning when I had an early meeting.  Abbi loves seeing the bus pick up her big sis.


Lilli got moved up to an advanced gymnastics class for her age so we’ve had to rework gymnastics night. She’ll change classes again when she turns six and we’ll have to decide if she should compete on a team.  She’s in the pink polka dot leo and I have no clue why she’s the only one not lined up or why she’s all up in that other girl’s space.

IMG_0934Back bends!


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