Of Pie and Parties

From Nov 13-15….

Abbi’s school had a “Thanksgiving Lunch” – which was basically each class bringing in potluck dishes and eating with the kids.  Their class size is really small, there are only 4 kids in her class, so it was less of a feast and more like two bowls of mac n cheese and a few veggies.  Brent went and had lunch with her this time.  She’s still in that awkward phase where she doesn’t understand things like this and that she wouldn’t get to leave after lunch, so all the tears make activities like this still a bit tough.




Shoveling in some mac n cheese by any means necessary.


We went to Michaels to see if they had any fun Thanksgiving decorations and Lilli found these raccoon earmuffs in the $5 bin.  She had to have them and they are pretty cute, but this has definitely felt like the year of the raccoon in a really bad way!


And then we found the holiday headwear and we were basically entertained for hours.


The mistletoe headband was a huge hit.


We got a Save the Date for a pie party months ago at the home of one of Lilli’s best friends from her preschool.  A few days before the party I checked out the invitation and realized it was a competition.  The hosts provided chili and everyone was supposed to bring and pie and we’d get to vote.  I’m really way more of a cake girl so I spent some time on Pinterest and came up with a Low Fat Snickers Pie and a (very high fat) Chocolate Bacon Dump Pie. Bacon is pretty “hot” right now and seems to be in every type of dish, so I figured it was worth a try if we wanted to win!

It had nearly an entire package of bacon, along with an entire package of chocolate cookies, a crust made of pretzels and a bunch of other fatty things topped off by a can of condensed milk on top.


One of the best parts of the party – they paid for a babysitter to keep the kids upstairs! BEST IDEA EVER! It was like a fun group date night and we had a blast laughing and actually getting to talk to other adults without being interrupted every three seconds or plucking Abbi out of breaking everything in sight.  They even had Chic Fil A for the kiddos (who had wandered down asking about the pies when Brent snapped this).  Amelia is on the left and Lilli on the right, both in pink.  She was so happy to see her old friend and another boy from her old school, Stewart.


There ended up being a total of nine pies and everyone took it very seriously.  Brent and I thought the bacon pie was terrible but we both loved the Snickers pie – delicious and didn’t taste at all low fat. The chocolate fudge pie in the front center won – it was great but Brent and I both agree Snickers was hands down the best and we were robbed.  The winner got an etched pie plate they had made off Etsy.  All in all, it was a blast of a night and we will definitely be back next year with a winning pie!


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