Favorite Things – Lilli

You could basically buy Lilli anything sparkly, pink, rainbow colored or unicorn for Christmas if it has a princess or Barbie on it.

A few ideas:

She would love Elsa’s castle, she loves stuff like this and plays with it all the time.  She would REALLY love the big Frozen castle, but those are really hard to come by.

This hooded throw would be so cute for both girls.  And Elsa’s magic gloves would be a huge hit.

For general princess love, she’d enjoy the princess wedding group, Palace Pet, or any princess playset.

For Barbie, this organizer would be great, she has asked for this horse set, Sea World Barbie was on her list, and so was the Secret Door Barbie.

She is also completely obsessed with anything “as seen on TV” – not limited to a unicorn Stretchkins, Squishy Sand,  or anything weird and advertised on TV.

We did one Lego this year (Rapunzel’s castle) and I know she’s love any of the other Lego items they’ve made for girls.

Any learning activities for reading, flash cards, art supplies, etc are always a hit.  She’s pretty easy to please!

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