Thanksgiving Pilgrims

From November 21-

On the last day before school was out for Thanksgiving, the kindergarten class put on a Thanksgiving program for the parents.  Lilli had been worrying about this play literally since early October when after their first practice she didn’t know the words! She’s our Type-A planner.  They practiced in Music class for two months, and by the end she knew every song and every part.  She was a Pilgrim Girl and one of the room moms asked if I could come and help getting them all dressed so I was able to snap a cute picture of her in her costume after the chaos of helping 12 little girls get out of school clothes and into these costumes!


And naturally the night before Abbi started running a 103 degree fever right at bedtime! We weren’t sure what was wrong with her, and Brent’s parents graciously agreed to drive up early that morning and stay with her so we could both go to the program (and both make it to work!)   Lilli seemed excited heading into the program so we were hopeful she wouldn’t get upset – she doesn’t have a great history with programs – like last year’s caroling and ditto to the year before.


They all marched in and the kids were so cute!! The principal said a few words and they got down to business.


Each group would come out for their song and all the kids would sing.  Lilli had been singing all the songs as other groups performed but when her group came out and she was in the front we could tell she just looked scared.


She did all the arm motions but never sang a word – we were just glad not to have a crier or a sulker this year – definite improvement over the last few years!


Once she was back in the stands and singing with the other groups she was much happier and really into it – she’s just not a performer.

The turkeys all had some really awesome outfits – I can understand why Lilli had said she wished she was a turkey!


And her little friend Reese was a cook.


I provided the snacks for the class “cast party” and Lilli and I had made some cute little cornucopias and snack mix the night before.


She was really glad when I picked her up and she got to see the grandparents before they headed home.  And luckily Abbi didn’t have a fever at all that day and seemed to be fine.  She did run some light fevers off and on over the following days so we’re not sure what was going on with her but were very glad we were both able to go to Lilli’s Thanksgiving program!


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