Scouting for Santa

From November 22-24….

It’s pretty obvious that most days Lilli picks out her own clothes.  No combination of patterns is off limits, and Frozen from head to toe is almost always an option.  Socks included.


Over the weekend I did a massive freezer and pantry clean-out to make room for Thanksgiving week.  I think when we moved in everything got thrown into the freezer from both freezers at the old house and I think this is the first time I’ve really organized anything.  I about died over a tub of Cool Whip that expired over TEN years ago!! That’s insane.  It’s moved with us TWICE and been around longer than both the girls!


We took a trip to Toys R Us to get some Christmas ideas.  And make giant messes.


Abbi found a few things she enjoyed.


Frozen is everywhere and even Abbi gets excited when she sees Elsa! She loves “Let it Go” and she called Elsa “Go” – anytime she sees anything Frozen she just starts saying “Go” and waving her arms like Elsa.  That movie has some serious hypnotic tricks on kids.  It’s going to be a very Frozen Christmas around here.


Being silly at Wendy’s.


Anytime my phone is left unattended it become quickly attended.  She also likes to try and “talk” to Suri.  And mess with it until it becomes locked for so many incorrect pass code entries.


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