A Day in the Life

From November 25th…..

Lilli’s school was closed the entire week of Thanksgiving.  I’m really not sure why we’re out so much since we only got two days for Fall Break.  On Monday of that week Lilli went to the program at her school sponsored by the after care program and they had a blast with turkey hunts and crafts.  She’d been asking to come to work with me so on Tuesday I let her sleep in and watch some cartoon and I worked from home until we were ready to head into the office.  I packed some crafts and the Ipad so she’d have plenty of entertainment.  And she packed a backpack of stuffed animals.


She had a lot of fun with a sticker mosaic I’d picked up at Michaels.  We always put on Princess tunes on Spotify and just work away.


She’d been wanting to spend a day with me at work so she could go and visit her old school and we stopped by there around lunch time and she got to visit with all her old teachers and see some old friends who weren’t quite old enough to go to kindergarten this year.  I kept trying to talk her into eating downtown somewhere but she was set on eating in our (awful) work cafeteria.  She got some chicken nuggets and declared they were some of the best nuggets she’d ever had.  We had a little picnic in my office floor.

From there, we did a little more “work” and then went visiting.  She wanted to see “Chloe’s mom” and see if the ladies I used to work with in our Retail division had any samples she could have.  They dug up a couple of stuffed animals and things for her and she posed with Alison and Kirsten right by her old baby birth announcement that’s permanently stuck the wall with a decal down there.

IMG_1230She also wanted to visit “Serif’s Dad” and we caught them just as his school was getting out so they swung by work to update the artwork on my white board.  Lilli was thrilled she got to see her fiance.



From there it was time to head home.  She’d put in a full day of work and even made a $1 from the cleaning lady.


About halfway home the chatter and singing in the back seat had stopped and when I turned around she was fast asleep.  Poor thing.  Work **is** exhausting.


And when we picked up Abbi she showed her all the “spoils” from her day.  Abbi loved the whistling dog. That makes two people in this house….


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