Thanksgiving 2014

From November 26-27……

The day before Thanksgiving I worked from home all morning and then took Lilli out to lunch for some Mexican food.  The place was PACKED but we had a blast.  One of her kindergarten friends had invited her over for an afternoon playdate so I dropped her off for a couple of hours while I ran to the Fresh Market and enjoyed a few minutes of downtime before picking both girls back up.


We got our turkey brining – this year we had a nice 13.4 pound bird.


And of course we had to make one last night before Thanksgiving run to the grocery store.

IMG_5441On Thanksgiving morning the girls played with the Ipad and watched the parade while we got food ready for the big day…………..

IMG_5471Somehow we didn’t manage to get a single picture of the finished bird.  What in the world?? It turned out great, even if we did possibly undercook it by 5 degrees since everyone was waiting.  It’s okay, I don’t think anyone reported back sick.


The girl cousins had a great time playing and we basically never even heard a peep out of them.




Abbi and Uncle Eric had a good time and Great Granny and Chloe had an even better nap on the sofa.


Great Granny and Abbi.


Brent’s family


Grandkids only….


And my family……


Grandkids only….


Later that night after dinner Bruce and I enjoyed some free babysitting and the four of us made our pilgrimage out to Opry Mills while Mom and Dad babysat.  It really wasn’t that crowded and we all found a few good things, except Bruce who found himself an uncrowded bench in the kids play area.


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