Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

From 11/28-11/29…..

The rest of the weekend we really didn’t see much of the big girls – they pretty much got out every toy in the playroom and (literally) drank out 8 quarts of Crystal Light Lemonade.   There were too many Barbies to be played with to mess with us much.


Juice box break.  Abbi was pretty much on her own, but I’m sure next year she’ll really be in the mix with the big girls.


She did occasionally get some attention.


Abbi and Chloe were big buddies.


A big bro / little sis selfie



Abbi had a rough night Friday night into Saturday and was up over half the night, which made for some sleepy parents on Saturday morning.  Not sleepy were the 4 early risers below who had a good time taking pictures of themselves and playing around that morning before it was time for the Ohio crew to head home.  Lilli had a great time playing with her cousins and was bored before they even got out of the driveway.



It’s a good thing she’s extra cute on the days after she’s kept us up half the night…..



After some well deserved naps we kept it low key and got some take-out and watched the Original Annie (free on Amazon Prime….) The new Annie comes out this week and we’re excited about going to see it.  Lilli really enjoyed it and it was fun to watch something a little more “grown” than some of the cartoony Disney movies.


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