Decking the Halls

From November 30th – December 4th……..

With Thanksgiving over and the house cleared out of guests it was time to unload the attic of all the holiday Christmas decor and swap out pumpkins for glittery Santas.


Lilli “helped” me get everything out and I think our broken ornament count this year is around 3-4 from her treating them as play figurines.

Abbi got the small pink tree again…..


And Lilli did the old 6 foot tree all by herself (except for the lights).


Our Elf Flower returned for another year of checking up on the girls…..


And we kept up our tradition of going to the Polar Express reading at the Brentwood Library.  The conductor came in and read the Polar Express and another holiday story.  Lilli saw a couple of her school friends so she was more than excited to sit in the front with them while Abbi hung out with us.


It was raining for the tree lightning, so the Ravenwood chorus performed indoors for us after the reading and we all watched the lighting from under the covered porch.  Not exactly the same, but at least we were there!


Brent took Abbi home right after the reading because she was getting antsy, but Lilli and I hung in for the tree lighting.


I got a bunch of little fingers and toes sparkly and ready for the holiday season.


And we have been keeping ourselves pretty entertained during this rainy, cold, and dark winter season.


Diaper box races are always a sister favorite.


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