Seeing Santa 2014

From December 5th-6th…..

My company had our annual Christmas breakfast on the 5th and we all get to leave right after and have the rest of the day off – definitely one of the best days of the year!! Afterwards I went shopping and enjoyed some quiet time.  It was weird to spend the day alone since in year’s past I’ve picked up Lilli/the girls and we’ve gone out to the movies or other fun things.  I did pick her up earlier after school and we popped popcorn (Abbi’s first taste) and watched Elf.


The next day was Santa’s annual trip to the Brentwood Library for their fun morning of Christmas activities.  Last year was our first year to do this, and it will definitely be an annual tradition and an easy (and free!) way to see Santa.  The Santa line was about twenty minutes long which is never fun with a toddler.  When we got closer Abbi was watching everything from under a table and Lilli started checking her hair for bugs (aka lice).  That’s totally normal and not a bit embarrassing….. Obviously she’s been checked a time or two hundred over her years of schooling.


The closer we got the more you could tell Abbi had this thing figured out.  She prefers to be attached to me at all times, so I knew this year might not be a big winner.  We did get one crying shot.


But the more she saw Lilli being comfortable with him the more she eased into it.  I really wasn’t even sure how that might go since Lilli told me she was nervous while we were in line.  I think she went into “big sister” mode and knew she had to be strong for “the team”.


And we ended up with a pretty decent Santa picture for the year.  He’s not the best looking Santa or the best backdrop, but it’s free and easy and that’s all that matters these days!  Their little outfits came from Carters.


Mission accomplished so it was off to see the rest of the holiday activities in the library.  We did Letters to Santa, guessing games for M&Ms and their was a little concert from the area high school Chorus.  And Abbi would only hold big sister’s hand.


And of course cookies and juice boxes.  Her favorite.


Lilli got her face painted but we skipped that for Abbi.


And the highlight of the morning – the annual Magic show.  They have the same guy every year and even though some of the tricks were the same these girls ATE IT UP.  Abbi absolutely loved some of his puppets and Lilli loved absolutely everything.  They were rolling on the floor laughing.  He does a great job making it fun for all ages (even the adults.) While we were waiting, Lilli told me she knew he wasn’t really magic since only God, Jesus and Santa are magic but afterwards she told me he might be a little bit magic.  Ha!!


Two worn out girls after a busy morning at the library! Abbi got to take a nap but it was off to a birthday party at the mall later that afternoon for Lilli and I! Holiday weekend are the craziest.


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