Christmas Plaid

From December 7th…

After church we set out to try and get some good family pictures for the Christmas card this year.  It did involve some photoshopping of heads between pictures (since 4 people looking at a tripod at the same time is pretty much impossible….) but I think we ended up okay and had a cute card this year. (I’ll try and see if Tiny Prints will let us post the actual image.) We went for a nicer stock of card this year and it turned out so cute and Tiny Prints was so easy to use (and fast!!)


Also, we finally broke down and had our first inflatable for the yard.  We might as well – we live in the suburbs, have two kids and drive a mini-van – we have no cool points left to lose.  We saw the Mickey inflatable at Home Depot and the girls went crazy.  Abbi loved it all season long and would check on “Mimi” first thing every morning and as soon as we got home.


Sweet hugs for Mimi.  We may not be cool anymore but these girls were pretty thrilled.  And thanks to some after holiday sales a penguin and polar bear will join him next year.  Bless.


Lilli being Lilli, with her beloved elf Flower who was attached to her all month.  I think Running Club (at school) has really helped her form.



And little Miss Abbi.  Who isn’t all that little and can out eat her sister every single day.


Abbi being Abbi.  Love that little velvet jacket and Hanna Anderson dress!! So cute!!


I wanted a few good ones under the tree.   I’ll just keep wanting on that one…..


Most of the faces were like this and Abbi couldn’t be bothered to comply.

IMG_3907We gave Abbi a bowl of snacks and got a few better ones out of them, but there is a bowl of snacks in there…..I love that the two Sisters ornaments (from Hallmark) are right over their heads – the little chicks were this year and the Snowgirls were last year.  One day when they move out they can fight over who gets to take them.


Laughing, laughing, laughing.  They were having a good time.


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