Hallmark Ornaments – 2014

Also from December 7th….

We continued the tradition of letting the girls pick out Hallmark ornaments again this year.  (2009 apparently never made the blog (she got a reindeer ornament), 2010, 2011 – the very memorable year when she had her first and only public accident, 2012, and 2013 (baby sis’s first time!).

Even though I felt like we went pretty early a lot of the girly, princess-y things were already picked over and most of the things Lilli would have wanted were gone.  We may have to start doing this right at Thanksgiving for a better selection!


Regardless they both had a blast touching things and making sure all the Magic ornaments really were playing music as loud and often as possible.  Abbi kept going back to this one Donald Duck Pilgrim ornament, so we went with that one for her this year.


Lilli ended up picking out a My Little Pony.  She did also get Elsa earlier in November (it had a wait list) so she ended up with two this year.  I knew she wouldn’t be able to just “pick” Elsa and I didn’t want her to miss out on the Frozen ornament since it was so popular.


While I finished up shopping and grabbed a few other things Brent and the girls walked down the shopping center to Fresh Market for some free cookies.  Also, Abbi’s reindeer overalls are one of my favorite all time Christmas outfits for the girls.  She’s so much bigger than Lilli was that they were a tad short, but still!! (I found Lilli in the same outfit – Abbi beats her in hair AND size!!)


And polishing off with some dinner at Zoe’s kitchen – which we have officially decided is too expensive and not very good.  I think it was $30 for the 4 of us to eat there – nope! Their selection is small and I haven’t ordered anything there in the two times we’ve been now that has been very good, so we decided it’s officially off our list.  Sorry Zoe’s! Here’s hoping you get replaced by something with some tortilla chips and salsa in 2015!


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