Happy Birthday Emerson!

Also from December 6th…..

We had about an hour of downtime after our Santa visit before Lilli and I needed to head out the door to her kindergarten buddy Emerson’s 6th Birthday party at the Build a Bear party at the mall near our house.  Emerson is the little girl standing up, Lilli is right behind her and you can really only see her star headband.


The bonus of them all being 6 and it being at the mall was the moms all getting a shopping break while the party took place and Emerson’s mom texted us when they were nearly done.  Score!! Big kids are so much easier to wrangle than toddlers! Lilli and most of her friends picked the “Elsa Bear”.


All the girls lining up to head to the food court for cupcakes – every girl in her class was able to make it.  The line starts with Emerson, then Lilli, Livy, Penelope, Lila, Reese and Zoe.  In her class of 17 there are 7 girls and the rest are all boys.


Afterwards we met Brent and Abbi at Home Depot to do a little shopping.  Baby sis was excited to be included on this adventure.


Even though lots of cuteness was shown we managed to not come home with any additional singing animals/people.


We capped off the evening with some burritos and of course fruit tea x 4.


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