Birthday Suggestions

A few birthday suggestions for the girls (as requested):


She is obsessed with Frozen (esp Anna), Elmo (BIG time right now), and Minnie/Mickey.  Anything along those lines would be great.


Small Frozen tent 

Cute Elmo book

Cute Minnie book

Minnie car

She’d love an Anna baby doll, their price seems crazy and it’s probably cheaper in store at Target or Walmart if they are back in stock after Christmas

Elmo Bus

She loves any kind of little books, art, musical toys, etc.  She also loves snacks.  She’d probably be most happy with her own little bag of chocolate candy and marshmallows.


She wants the bright eyes Panda blanket

She’s asked for these Little Live Pets.  I don’t have a clue what they are…..

She’s really into SpongeBob and Santa brought her a playset she really wanted and any of the following would go along with that: Krusty Krab, Krabby Patty Maker, Krabby Patty Wagon, Sponge Bob and Gary, Sponge Bob and Patrick, Squidword, or Plankton.

Also, the My Magical Mermaid.

She also likes good early learning to read books – we just discovered these Otto books at the library this week and they’re great for her to read – not too hard or with too many words.  We don’t have any of them, just checked a few out at the library.  Any books on Amazon if you look for “Passport to Reading Level 1” is right where she’s at.

She also likes any kind of art supplies, crafts, paint kits, maze books, and other learning workbook/sticker books.  And would also probably vote for her own bag of marshmallows because that’s one thing sisters can’t share.








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