Christmas Adventures

From December 21-23….

The girls had a great time staying with their grandparents and cousins.  Much strolling and babying took place.

Dec 21 2014 (14)

Abbi and Madison strolling.

Dec 21 2014 (16)Abbi didn’t miss any of her required 800 snacks per day.

Dec 21 2014 (25)Getting away from the big girls and hanging with Granny for a bit.  Abbi is most definitely my little lap dog.

Dec 21 2014 (35)

In the meantime, Brent and I had a great day.  We spent as long as we wanted at Target – but did still spend a lot of it in the toy aisle finishing up their Christmas lists.  We also did some furniture shopping looking for a few ideas for the house.  And, we went out to the movies to finally see the latest Hunger Games.  I was just glad to finally have a date who weighed enough that the seat didn’t get folded up on them.  From our calculations, Brent hasn’t been to the movies since Abbi was born.  It’s usually not something we pick on our date nights, and it’s something Lilli and I like to do together on our date afternoons.


Abbi got some Ipad time with Madison.

Dec 22 2014 (32)

All clean and in their jammies before bed.

Dec 22 2014 Camera (8)

Posing in front of the tree.  On this particular night (Monday), Brent and I had worked all day and just went out for some Italian for dinner and then relaxed at home, watching whatever we wanted, which was not on Disney or Nick.  And no one asked us to get up and get anything, and we certainly didn’t fight over what was “mine” or “not mine”.

Dec 22 2014 Camera (19)

On Tuesday morning they stopped at Chuck E on their way back to Nashville and returning the kiddos.  Both girls had a great time and probably didn’t miss us a bit.  Lilli can pretty easily be bought off with unlimited Sonic grape slushes.


Dec 23 2014 (6)

Once they came home Abbi couldn’t settle down for a nap, so we put her to bed early and let Lilli stay up late to watch Home Alone.  It was her first time to watch it and we hadn’t seen it in years.  She absolutely loved it and thought it was hilarious, so it will definitely become part of the Christmas holiday movie rotation.  We had a great little movie night and while it was beyond wonderful to have some time to ourselves it was great to have our girlies home!


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