Ready for Santa

From December 24th….

All the presents were bought and wrapped and cookies made for Santa, so it was time to relax and enjoy the rest of Christmas Eve.  We had some pasta and crusty bread for dipping and Abbi was all about the olive oil. She’s a fan of pretty much all foods, and any kind of dipping and toasting.


Our tradition the last couple of Christmas Eve’s has been to get in our jammies, get out the nice popcorn machine, and watch Polar Express.  There’s just something really fun about watching it spill out of the popper like you’re at the movies (even if it is a pain to clean up.)



It really is pretty exciting.



bbi and actually watching a movie don’t go hand in hand very well.  Maybe by next Christmas Eve this will be a lot more fun….



She doesn’t hate a selfie, though.  And Lilli was attached to Flower all day since she’d be heading back to the North Pole until next year that evening.


And then it was time for the annual reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas.   (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) We did read in 2009 but just didn’t post.  Also, it’s crazy how much Abbi has grown since last year!


Much like watching movies Abbi isn’t into listening to stories that don’t have Elmo in them.  Especially if someone is flashing the big camera around and she can be a ham instead.


A brief moment of listening…..


Once the story was read the girls watched their annual free Santa video and were declared on the Nice list! I actually made a Naughty one for Abbi but I knew that would get Lilli really upset so I changed it back to Nice.  Then we checked on his location and saw he was in Cuba and from that point on Lilli RUSHED to bed.  It’s the only night of the year we don’t have to play a few rounds of charades to get her to stay in her bed!


We left our cookies and milk for Santa.  Lilli was so mad at Abbi for stealing a cookie.


If it’s edible and within grabbing range you can bet Abbi is going to try it!


One last pic before it was off to bed for sugar plum dreams.


Santa did a good job at not going crazy with gifts this year or buying things that would take forever to assemble.  His elves were even able to relax a little that night and get to bed at a decent time.  A successful Christmas Eve!




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