Christmas Day 2014

From December 25th….

I think one of my favorite things about Lilli is that she sleeps in, even when it’s an exciting day like Christmas morning.  She woke up right at her standard 7:30 am and even came in our room before peeking downstairs.  We did go ahead and wake up Abbi instead of making her hang out until her normal wake up around 8:30-9 am…..

Lilli ran in and Abbi saw the toys and was a little bit scared or just too overwhelmed to even know what to do.  Lilli dug right into her stocking while Abbi went right for her bag of marshmallows.  No surprise that was her favorite gift.


Once they sorted through everything Abbi got to work in the new little baby nursery that Santa left a note informing the sisters it was for BOTH of them to share in their housekeeping area of the playroom.


Abbi playing babies and Lilli playing with her SpongeBob playset that she wanted so badly from Santa.


Lilli was also so proud of her robe.  I’d been thinking about getting her one and after their PJ party on the last day of school before break a few of her friends wore robes and she asked for one.  She lived in it over Winter Break!

Our “big” present for Abbi was this little car race track.  They both had a lot of fun playing with it and it’s always nice when something isn’t overly princess-y or girlie around here.


We opened our presents to each other.  We really don’t do big things and I knew whatever Lilli had picked out for me was definitely unusual – but I didn’t expect an iron snake.  Or really, maybe I should have totally expected an iron snake.  Since Brent paid for it and helped her wrap it he was sure to catch the reaction.


But of course our little bug and snake loving girl was so proud that she found me the PERFECT gift.  And it’s proudly displayed in our office.  The rest of Christmas we spent relaxing and never changing out of our PJs – we played with all our new toys, watched the Disney Parade and just took it easy.  The perfect Christmas!


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