Let’s Go to the Mall!

From December 26th….

On the 26th we took vacation days and told Lilli she could have a day just with us and we’d take Abbi to school (we have to pay for it anyway….).  We told her she could pick whatever she wanted to do and I gave her a ton of fun choices like bowling, roller skating, etc but she wanted to go shopping at the mall.  That’s my girl!

She could literally spend FOREVER in Claire’s trying on all the jewelry and playing with all the fun stuff.  It’s a little and big girl’s paradise.


We don’t normally go in Williams Sonoma that much with the two of them (way too many sharp things for Abigail….) but we had a lot of fun in there with Lilli looking at all the fun cooking gadgets and appliances.


Her favorite food – mall food court pizza from Sbarro.  Ugh.  That’s a feast for one and the rest of us usually get something else, which is definitely the up-side of a food court.


Our favorite store to play is Bath and Body – it’s always crazy in there but the semi-annual sale was literally out of control.  We did get a huge bag of smell good stuff for a ton off (usually 75%), but we waited in line forever.


Afterwards we let her pick a sweet treat so we grabbed donuts from Dunkin Donuts and ate them at home before we got Abbi.  She doesn’t have to know….


Just calling a few friends on a Friday night and cruising the strip.


I promise you there are 5 bathrooms in this house and it really doesn’t matter because there will be a line NO MATTER which one you choose.


And we introduced her to Jenga for the first time – lots of fun, and made even more exciting by trying to keep little sis from toppling the tower independent of the game!


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