Happy New Year!

From December 31st…

On the last day of the calendar year we headed to the bank to take care of some year-end bank statement rearranging.  Obviously this is something we can only put off until the very end of the year because otherwise it would just be too easy.


All year (thanks to a book we read last year about New Year’s) Lilli has been asking if she could stay up until midnight.  Last year I had told her she could, thinking she’d forget, and she hasn’t forgotten for a second.  All year she’s been counting down and reminding me.  I had thought about having another couple or two over, but with the nasty cold I had I definitely didn’t feel like entertaining.  She we glammed up at home instead.


I had all kinds of happy new year blowers, hats, horns and glasses.  We had our own little Times Square up in the playroom.


Lilli fully embraced all the decor.


We put Abbi to bed a little later than normal and then all got into our pjs (and of course she had her new robe….) and we watched the New Year’s Eve shows on TV.  It was fun to see Nashville on there, and even more fun to be in our warm and cozy house instead of outside.


Abbi (earlier in the evening.)


We had snacks and watched TV, and even did some resolutions for the year.  Hers were things like having more sleepovers, giving people money, going to first grade and all kinds of things along those lines.  Around 11:30 she got pretty tired but our girls basically never fall asleep outside of their bed unless they are majorly ill, so she hung in there and was SO excited to see it count down to midnight.  We toasted with our sparkling juice in our 2015 glasses and went to bed.  And she’s seriously already counting down to staying up that late this year, too.


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