New Year Randoms

From January 1 – 3….

On New Years Day Abbi was the first one awake at 10 before 10.  We officially became the laziest people ever over the holiday break.  We hung out at home watching the parade and staying warm inside.


Lilli may have had a fun night staying up so late but she was a MESS that day.  So she had mandatory rest time, in her bed. And of course fell asleep.  She basically never takes a nap anymore, but she was so unpleasant to be around that there’s no way we weren’t going to force the issue.


New Years Day was our 16th wedding anniversary.  I still felt terrible from that awful cold, but we had to keep our tradition of going out to Blue Coast Burrito.  Abbi was excited to be out of the house.


My fellow lover of all things fruit tea. Also salsa, guacamole, and food in general.


Brent had to work on that Friday, so we ended up going to visit him, disrupt their workplace and have lunch with Daddy.  The girls had a lot of fun crashing work.


My parents stopped by with presents from Ohio while Abbi was napping, but she was pretty happy for some fresh bubble wrap to play with afterwards.


And their brand new whoopie cushion came in the mail.  Nothing makes them happier than a whoopie cushion.  Sadly,this $3 investment has already been broken.  They just don’t make them like they used to.


To beat the winter monotony we finally got the Wii back out and hooked up in this house.  Lilli is loving it and is seriously skilled at Mario Kart.  Some of the games (like baseball) are still pretty tough,  but we’ve had a lot of fun playing games.  And poor Abbi – well, she has an old white remote that doesn’t go to anything we still have anymore, but in her mind – she’s waving it around and playing right along with us.



Until she gets bored and has a bowl of marshmallows.  (Excuse the mess – we PURGED over the holidays and got rid of tons of old stuff so the room was a work in progress!! Being organized has been amazing so far this year!)


And we capped off the Saturday with a birthday party for Lilli’s friend Kelly.  She had a painting party at Brushfire.  They painted little animals, had cake and snacks and did some other art activities.  Lots of fun!


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