Puppy Prep

From January 11-15……

We used an online deal to sign up for a new Sams Club membership for super cheap this year.  We’d been Costco members, but weren’t crazy about the INSANE lines and never seemed to find much.  Every Costco experience ended with “never again….” but we were willing to give Sam’s a try since it worked out to only around $20 for this year.  We found a TON of great stuff we use and it’s so much easier to get in and out.

Big sis kept little sis entertained while we shopped.  Abbi is finally starting to enjoy playing the Iphone a little bit on some of our early spelling games. Woo hoo!


The Elsa twins chowed down at the food court area.  With $1.50/$2.00 combos it was a GREAT deal!


Lilli and I hit the pet store to get a few new toys for the pup.  We didn’t need much since I had kept a lot of Pippin’s old things but he did need some new toys and a few smaller items for the puppy stage.  And of course a snazzy new sweater.



We broke out Just Dance.  While Lilli is the Queen of Mario Kart in this house, I am the grand champ of Just Dance.


Different day, more dancing.  It’s great winter boredom exercise.

IMG_8401The picture that got over 100 likes on Facebook.  I worry about the people we’re friends with…..


I ordered several other things for the new puppy online and once they came Abbi felt she had a perfect spot for her baby to rest….


And we made one last trip to PetSmart to pick up the type of food his breeder had been using (only sold there).  The girls had fun looking at all the other animals and Lilli could barely believe she only had ONE MORE sleep left until our puppy came home.


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