Bringing Home Baby Oliver

From January 16th…..

Friday the 16th was probably one of the longest days of Lilli’s life – just waiting through school before we could head out to get our new puppy.  I picked her up and we headed home for a quick dinner before the hour drive to go and pick him up.  Lilli and I went on our own since we knew we’d be late getting home and Abbi and long road trips are still not much fun.

She and Brent did have fun getting everything ready for his arrival though.  Also note her incredibly orange Cheetos hands.


Having a little fun with hair on a Friday night.  In honor of our new puppy the girls both wore their matching sequiny Boston Terrier shirts I’d bought last winter on Zulily.


Lilli and I drove down and filled out a lot of paperwork to make him officially ours and then loaded him up in an old crate of Pippin’s and headed home.  He cried some on the car ride but overall was fine.  Lilli was so antsy to get him home and start playing.


Abbi was already in bed because it was nearly 10 o’clock before we got home.  Lilli said “When Abbi wakes up in the morning she’s going to think Jesus came and left us a puppy!” Ha!


We’d been talking about names all week.  Since he’s a new breed of Boston Terrier and French Bulldog we wanted something to reflect his “heritage”.  In Art class, Lilli’s been studying Claude Monet and she really loves his work so she suggested Claude Monet.  We thought that was really cute but a bit much.  I Googled various dog name websites and we all liked Oliver.


Since the girls all have “i” ends to their names, we liked Oliver with a nickname of “Olli”.  And then decided his middle name should be Monet based on Lilli’s suggestions.  So Oliver Monet was named, or Olli as we usually call him.  It doesn’t matter though because he answers to none of it.


Just a girl, her new puppy, and his pee pee pad.


We let Lilli stay up for a while to play with him.  It would be pretty mean to get a new puppy and have to go straight to bed.  The little guy was tired though so we tucked in Lilli and I told her Olli would be headed straight to bed.


I may have forgotten to mention that would happen after some snuggle time on the couch.  I think she’s confused about whose dog this is….

We “tucked” him in his crate and were so glad this house is spread out enough that he can be in the downstairs master and bark some in his crate and not disturb the girls! In our old house it would have been torture to try and crate train him at night without the entire house waking up.  And he’ll “earn his freedom” the same way Pippin did.  When he can go all night without going to the bathroom he’ll get to sleep wherever he wants, and also work his way up to daytime freedom as well.  We definitely look forward to a house completely free of diapers and puppy pads!


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