Olli’s First Day

From January 17th….

When Abbi woke up on her last day of being a 1 year old she was definitely surprised to see a dog, but it didn’t take her long to become obsessed with him.  And laying on top of him as much as possible.


After breakfast we took the little dude outside for the first time.  Breeders don’t let them outside because of the 8 million things they can get into out there that could hurt them (and their investment) so at first he didn’t have a clue how to react to the great outdoors, but he’s definitely warmed up to it.  We’ve been trying to take him out for potty training and also just to get used to the yard and that freedom as much as we can, which isn’t always easy in cold and dark January.


And spending time on a leash is pretty much laughable at this point.


It’s hard being a tired little puppy and getting so much attention.  Both girls have just been enamored with him and checking out every last little feature.  Lilli can’t wait until he’s big enough and house trained enough to sleep with her.


Tired little dude.  I’m sure a pen with 2 puppies to play with isn’t all that different than two sisters.


And we wanted to keep up our Italian tradition for the night before Abbi’s birthday (2014 and 2013).  I think we all liked the place we went last year, so I’m really not sure why we didn’t want to go back, other than we needed to do some shopping in Cool Springs afterwards.  We drove up to a few places that were packed, had huge lines, and terrible seating and none of them seemed like it would be worth all the waiting.  In the end, we decided to just go to our family favorite – Noodles.  Technically, it’s kind of Italian but really all sorts of things – but for $23 we were all very happy, got exactly what we wanted, didn’t have to wait and since it’s one of Abbi’s favorite places to eat I think she was more than happy!


Afterwards we headed to Party City to start getting some things for their upcoming birthday parties.  While I was sneaking things into a buggy they clearly had lots of fun with little hats.


And sparkly hats.


And at the end of his first full day with us, we had a very tired little puppy.


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