Abbi turns 2!

From January 18th…..

Abbi’s birthday this year was on a Sunday so we did our normal church prep and then headed in to wake her up.  Poor girl had a major case of bed head.  She was also really confused about the balloons and what had happened while she slept.


She and Lilli had a great time playing with all the balloons the birthday fairy had left for her – and she was especially excited about the Mickey Mouse ones.


After church we ate and I had bought a small cake for her at Publix.  Even though we were doing some family things the next day everyone deserves their own cake on their birthday! The birthday fairy had also decorated the dining room and downstairs with all kinds of Sesame Street and Elmo stuff.


She ate two pieces of cake and probably would have put away the whole little cake if we let her.  Home girl loves some sweets.


There are few things that irritate Lilli more than the fact that Abbi’s birthday is six days BEFORE hers.  It just burns her alive that Abbi gets to be celebrated first.  So when we came in with Abbi’s cake lit she leaned over and blew out the candles before Abbi even had a chance to figure out what was going on.  Classic.


So much love for puppy.  Sometimes these two get along better than Lilli and Olli just because Abbi treats him just like his puppy brothers and sisters.  She is so rough with him but he doesn’t seem to mind at all.


We didn’t buy Abbi many presents – we just don’t do a lot of present giving for birthdays.  We did get her a new little Elmo doll and 3 or 4 little Elmo books.    You can tell she was pretty happy about it!!


Also, you can tell Lilli was all up in her grill while she was opening her presents.  What is it about kids not being able to handle watching other kids open gifts??


Oliver, however, had no interest in being in the middle of the gifts.


Before bedtime puppy play.  You can tell Lilli was really interested in something on TV…..


He really is so patient with her and her form of love.  There’s no logical reason he should have ever even laid down next to her!!


Passed out after a busy day of celebrating sister! It cracks me up how often he ends up sleeping on his back.  He plays hard and can be so wild, but when he passes out the dude is out.


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