Birthday Girl

From January 18th….

Outside of the normal birthday festivities we also did a few “nicer” pics of Abbi with the good camera on her birthday to capture Miss Abigail Rose at 2.  Of course Oliver was featured in a lot of them.


It was a pretty mild day for January so we were able to let her run around in the yard and capture that true Abbi spunk.


We took some of the balloons from the birthday fairy outside.  Miss Stubborn wouldn’t allow us to tie it to her hand, so you can imagine what happened to a few of the balloons.


And of course Lilli wanted a few pics made of her running around, too.


Sweet, sweet friends.


Two crazy little pees in a pod.


Almost Six.


Right before another balloon got away.


So proud of herself for being two!

IMG_5352Sweet little Lilli.


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