Birthday Party #1

From January 19th….

The girls and I all had Martin Luther King, Jr day off from work and school, so Brent took the day off as well and we invited our families up to celebrate the girls and Uncle Eric’s birthdays.  It was a gorgeous day and we spent some time out in the yard before everyone arrived.


Abbi was excited to see the grandparents arriving.


Baby Olli found an instant napping spot.  I think he spent most of the day sleeping on one person or another.


The girls were excited to have some birthday cake and blow out their candles – the first of many times over the upcoming weeks!


Obviously Lilli was excited for some cake.  And attention.

IMG_5472And of course they were really excited about birthday presents from their relatives.


The little Digibirds have been a huge hit around the house.  The girls AND Brent play with them all the time.


Abbi was excited about a Mickey Mouse train.


And she’s been sleeping with her new Mickey Mouse every night since then.  Great job picking it out cousins Grant and Madison!


The new tent was a huge hit as well – a surprisingly large number of people can fit in it!


We had one tired puppy at the end of the day.




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