A lot of Olli

From January 20-23rd…

That time that Brent did something weird with the microwave while steaming some broccoli and my plate exploded.  First time in 16 years we’ve had something explode in the  microwave!!


Little baby Olli.  He has to be near at all times.


He is also intrigued by Snuggly.  Snuggly isn’t that scared of him thank to the bars separating them.


He really can sleep anywhere.  He’s so cute when he’s asleep but MAN he is wild when he’s awake.


Gymnastics! Working on her beam techniques.


Sis had some library time while Big Sis was at gymnastics.


He doesn’t mind interrupting some work time with his napping.  When he’s really cold asleep his tongue always hangs out.


Lilli had been asking for a slumber party for her birthday.  There’s no way I’m ready for a bunch of little girls to spend the entire night so we compromised with an “un-slumber” party.  We got the house decorated after she went to bed on Thursday night and she was so excited to see everything the following morning.


And I took cupcakes to her class Friday afternoon for everyone to celebrate.  It should have been my warning sign that Miss Minton said they were all pretty wild that afternoon after being inside on a rainy day all day.


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