Lilli’s “Un-Slumber” 6th Birthday Party

From January 23rd….

Lilli was SO excited after school when we got home and she saw all the final prep for her birthday party.  She was wound up and ready to get the party started and for all her friends to arrive.


Posing with the party favor/candy bar area.


And her cake – of course she picks out a Frozen cake.


The invitation said for all the girls to come in their PJs and Robes.  Abbi had no clue what was going on but she was definitely excited.


Little Sis wasn’t going to miss out on the PJ fun.


The girls started arriving and we had some coloring set up for them in the playroom while everyone arrived and got settled.  The invitation made no mention of Frozen, and it really wasn’t a Frozen party, but ALL 10 girls showed up in Frozen pajamas.  Hilarious.


Once everyone arrived there were little girls running everywhere.  Absolutely everywhere.  Little packs heading upstairs to the bedroom, and we even plucked a few out of the gym.


At this point we were quickly realizing a 3.5 hour drop off party with 10 little girls who had been in school all day wasn’t going to be an easy slam dunk.  Some of them were WILD.


We had pizza delivered to keep it easy, and they were running a little late so we went ahead and started the Barbie movie Lilli had picked out.  The girls were pretty adorable all piled together on top of the furniture.


We had pizza and I think these delicate little flowers wolfed it down in about 35 seconds.  We also couldn’t believe how absolutely rotten some of them were when it came to manners and just being downright rude.  By this point two little girls in particular had been told it would be no issue to call their moms to come and get them.  And Brent and I were SO glad it wasn’t a real overnight slumber party!!!


Abbi got plenty of attention and even some fork fed cake.


Our craft for the evening was to decorate their own pillowcases with fabric markers.  Again, I thought they might do this for a while but when one of them was done in about five minutes the rest were instantly done as well.  And we still had a LOT of party time to fill!


Little girls everywhere!! Some happy, some complaining and whining the whole time.  Some we will probably never have over again!


And then we all went upstairs and had some popcorn and finished the movie.  They all pretty much watched the movie and stayed entertained.  Some had brought blankets and sleeping bags so they all cuddled up and ate a TON of popcorn.


Olli definitely realized it was best to stay away.


When we turned the lights on there was popcorn EVERYWHERE.  I have no clue how they made such a mess.  So we made them help with the clean up.  It was unreal.


And then we had a good old fashioned Taylor Swift dance party.  Girls got to be judges and they had a great time with it and it helped get some wiggles out.  We also got some games out and just let them play – by this point in the night they were finally starting to wear down, thankfully!!! Naturally Abbi was in the middle of it all tumbling.


We all felt a lot like this after the girls were gone! We let Lilli pick one friend to actually spend the night and after everyone else left they played Wii and opened her presents.  Brent and I decided it will be a LONG time before we have a real slumber party and that next year we definitely wouldn’t do something like this again.  It was SO much work and being outnumbered by so many little girls just wasn’t fun for us! Lilli and her friends had a great time, but it was such chaos that Brent and I just didn’t get to really enjoy it.  Live and learn!


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