Sunny with a side of Sick

From January 25…

Lilli was still running a 103 fever most of Sunday but definitely had energy back and was in much better spirits.  The doctor’s office called first thing and said she definitely had strep throat and they called in the pink stuff right away.

Since she felt up to it and the weather was pretty good everyone was banished outside to burn off some winter energy.  Especially Olli.  And Abbi.  We were walking around the garden and discovered the carrots had really sprouted up so we dug our carrots from last fall.


Abbi worked on her gymnastics balance beam moves.


Also, general acrobatics.


Sister life.  It’s full of tantrums.


Best buds.  Creating chaos and destruction, for sure.


For all the times he does nip her when they’re playing rough she really deserves it ten fold for all the times he just takes a choking.


My lap hasn’t been cold for a second this winter.


Olli is SO wild (we just signed up for puppy classes tonight to start in March), but when he’s out – he is OUT.  Dude knows how to relax.


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