Ice, not so nice

From Feb 19-20….

Thursday morning I really needed to get out and back in the office to get some things done that I just couldn’t do working remotely.  Abbi’s school was open modified hours ago, and I booked Lilli at “bounce camp” at Bounce U, where she’s had a couple of her birthdays.  Her school still wasn’t offering extended care and her gymnastics studio was having a lot of issues getting their parking lot scraped and clear.  One of her best friends also got in for Bounce Camp, so she was excited to spend the day with Livvy having fun – she had some serious cabin fever and was starting to lose the will to change out of her pajamas.

The scene on our street that morning as we headed out.  Sunny, snowy, and icy.  There really is a street under there, somewhere.


We were on our way and then about a mile after we got on the interstate we just stopped.  Great.  I don’t pay much attention to the TV in the morning and I usually listen to Xm radio, so I had no clue a tractor trailer was blocking the way.  I really didn’t have much choice but to sit through it.  After an hour we finally made it to bounce camp.


Somewhere in there, I was sitting.  If I hadn’t needed to be in the office I would have found a way to just turn around and work from home.  The interstate was mostly clear, but there were still a lot of issues.  The great thing about working from home is not losing all that time just sitting in the inclement weather traffic.


I went in, made it to the meetings I needed to, and then headed back to get Lilli from Bounce Camp.  They literally bounced for about 5 hours, with lunch and snack in-between.  I think they usually do some crafts and things but with the last minute nature of this one they just bounced and bounced and bounced.  She and her friend were SO tired.  And famished.  Even though she was finishing up a snack when I got there she asked if we could stop for a corn dog on the way home.  And since Lilli is such a lightweight I totally did honor her request.

IMG_3782Later that night – one twirling and dancing, another with no pants or diaper on, and another one in the middle of it all.  That’s real life.


We went out for dinner that night at McAlisters.  We needed some out of the house time!  Abbi also needed to show the world how straight her hair is when there’s no humidity.


By Friday morning Lilli’s gymnastics studio was open for camp so she and her friend Livvy spent the day together there along with several of their other school friends.  They open pretty early so she got there before most of the other kids and they told her she could do anything she wanted on the floor and she LOVED that.  She had a great day at camp – it’s such a great gym and they got to do a lot of different things but also spent time just playing, watching movies, drawing and “playing”.


More bad weather was expected back in that afternoon with more sleet, snow and ultimately freezing rain expected so both our works and Abbi’s school closed early.  As I was heading home to get Abbi, a passenger truck on the interstate flew past me and it’s front hood was completely covered in ice from earlier in the week.  The entire sheet of ice (the size of the entire front hood – several inches thick) flew up as he passed me and hit my front hood, drivers side bumper and front panel.  I knew I definitely had damage from the sound and I was just thankful it didn’t hit my windshield because it certainly would’ve cracked.  There was nowhere for me to go – I was several lanes in and both shoulders were completely covered in scraped ice and snow so they weren’t safe to pull off in.  I didn’t hear anything dragging and my car seemed to sound fine so I made it home to see the damage.  I had cracks, scratches and scrapes on the hood and front bumper/panels, and one panel was popped out.  Every time I opened my door you could hear a scraping sound from the shift in panels.  We called our insurance, State Farm, and they immediately got us set up with a repair shop for the following week and took care of everything.  They really are the best.


Our street on Friday afternoon.  Still really no change – crazy that we hadn’t seen the pavement since Sunday! That’s so unheard of here.


Abbi’s opinion of all these never ending snow days!


After a long, long week of snow, ice, cabin fever, scrambling plans and then a “wreck” – we had earned some cookies, coffee and a sleepy puppy after the girls were in bed.


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