More Snow Days…

From Feb 21-23….

Saturday morning we woke up to the freezing rain-sleet-turn to rain mix the weatherman had predicted.  We were supposed to go to a birthday party that day but road conditions were definitely strange so they postponed it a week.  After my “wreck” the day before I was glad we didn’t have to get out on the slippery roads.

However, we were all about to lose our minds.

We got our the Squishy Sand and that entertained the girls for a while.


Abbi had a lot of fun with it and by this point I really didn’t care what kind of mess we had if people weren’t fighting, whining or crying.


Our street was a combo of ice, slush, snow, sleet and just wet rain on top of it.


A little rest after doing some light reading.


Too much togetherness is absolutely a thing.  She had not had school all week or gymnastics or basically much activity other than Bounce Camp and Gymnastics Camp for the last two days of her week.  She needs a lot of social interaction and she was just messed up.  She also loses all will to even change out of her pajamas when she doesn’t have somewhere to be.  So she had a mandatory rest period which we basically NEVER do anymore, and when rest time was up we found her passed out in her bed.  Sometimes you just need a nap.


Our road the next day (Sunday) was maybe a little better? Main roads were all clear by this point.


We for sure needed to get out of the house so we went to pick up some things at Sams and of course took the girls to Fresh Market for a free cookie.  I think we had all earned a lot of free cookies after the prior week of weather nonsense.


He can nap anywhere at any time.


We started our first chapter books together, Nancy Clancy.  Now she wants to have about six or seven of them going at the same time.  We’re still learning the art of finishing a book before we start a new one.


On Monday her school was canceled AGAIN.  Insane.  But at least she had her after school program (for the full day) at school.  So that made it a lot easier.  We’d been promising her we’d take Olli for his first trip to the pet store ever since we got him, so we finally went that Monday night.  It was every bit as chaotic as I expected.  Lilli and Olli getting the leash wrapped around random people and Abbi going nuts for the ball display.


But Lilli had fun so I guess that counts? And of course he peed in the floor there, which pretty much capped the trip off!


And the picture of “what I did last week during the snow/ice” that Lilli drew that day for her school program.  It’s her sledding into the big pine tree up the street.  That pretty much captures it!


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