The Pet Edition

From Feb 24-26…..

If you think Snuggly gets ignored just because we have a puppy now, think again.  She still writes about, feeds and kisses her guinea pig (on the mouth).  And I still get the pleasure of cleaning out her nasty cage every week.  Did you know guinea pigs live for five years??

IMG_4056Brent dropped my car off at the body shop for the repairs.  State Farm gave us a rental car, but seemed to miss the memo that we needed one where our kids could actually have legs.  So they had to trade this out for an Altima.


I had a much, much needed girls night out.  We had dinner and followed that up with ice cream at Jeni’s.  We all had a BLAST and definitely need to get together more often.


These two hanging out under my desk.  They actually get along much better than Lilli and Olli.  Abbi and Olli are just rough and on top of each other and Lilli just squeals and screams and gets him riled up.


And Wednesday night it started snowing.  Again.  We weren’t a bit excited about this.


It was just snow and didn’t stick to the roads at all, but Lilli’s school still closed.  She had finally gone back on Tuesday, so Thursday was another Snow Day and made #7 for the year.


It was a good day for me to work from home and I could tell this time Lilli was so bored.  She played Ipad about 6 inches from me for most of the day and never got out of her pajamas or even asked to play in the snow.  We were all over it and wanted to get back in our routine!


Abbi and Olli.  He really just puts up with all this loving.


The two of them are just peas in a pod.  Wild and out of control and they just run around chasing each other all the time.


Riding off into the sunset together…..


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