Park Time

From Feb 27-28…..

Just a Friday night dinner at Wendy’s….(Lilli’s fave)

IMG_1853Art time between sisters.  Abbi loves to draw and is SO proud of her work.


That Saturday was slightly warmer than it had been – which doesn’t say a lot but we needed to get out of the house so we loaded up in my rental Altima and headed to the library to the walking track.  The Altima was an okay car, but we all felt SO CLOSE!


Olli’s first time to walk at the park.  He did okay on the leash, but he likes to chew on it and tries to pull a lot.


It was still a pretty chilly walk, especially since Lilli stops so much to look at all the trees and every little thing around us.  And Abbi is content until the snacks are gone and then she wanted out!


It did wear this guy out.


During Abbi’s rest time Brent took Lilli to the park so I could work on consignment sale stuff uninterrupted.


She loves playing at the park, and her top pick is always Crockett Park.


And Olli was still passed out so I got a lot of tagging done for the sales I was getting ready for.


And dinner at Noodles – our entire family favorite.  The girls normally split the Large Mac n Cheese, but they polished it off that evening and we had to go back and buy another bowl of feed! Crazy growing girls!


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