Happy Birthday Ella!

From March 1-4…..

Some mornings Abbi has already saved us the trouble of taking her pajamas off.  Sometimes she’s even saved us the trouble of taking her diaper off.  Of course Lilli found this hilarious….


Some bubbles after church in the car.


The benefit of being so close in the rental Altima!


Ella’s birthday party had been rescheduled for Sunday afternoon.  We were so glad we could make it because so far the Wrays haven’t missed any of Lilli OR Abbi’s birthday parties and we haven’t missed one of Ella’s! That’s pretty impressive considering all our girls have winter birthdays! Ella had a gymnastics party at a gym in Hendersonville.  Lilli was out of sorts at first and a little mopey, but she got into it once she warmed up.  She was just having an off day at first.  I think all the snow days and weather funk had us all a bit kranky.


Birthday girl Ella as the line leader!


Posing with her little birthday buddy before we left.


Best friends.  These two really are such a mess together.


On Monday night I had two consignment drop offs for sales later in the week.  Not having my van definitely made it more difficult to get everything in the car, but we worked it all out! I’m SO glad all these big toys and things sold!! It’s a great feeling to purge out a lot of these older things.


Abbi on the slide, which I had meant to sell but we couldn’t fit it in.  So the girls talked me into keeping it until the fall.  Which I know I’ll regret.


Crazy littles.  And yes, Lilli is totally painting with her shirt off.  We were doing watercolors and paints that night and for some reason she just needed to strip down.


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